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God is good!


Conference Testimonies

"I would just like to express my thanks to Mike and team for the recent conference......I feel so much "lighter" that is the only way I can describe it! I have given up trying to describe it in "spiritual ways"....All of you were so humble.....amazing......This teaching needs to get out there!!!" Andy


Joan Hunter

Conference Testimonies

"I felt the conference was a great encouragement to move further forward in the area of physical healing and I felt the time of anointing was very special. God is clearly encouraging me in this area. I am ‘noticing’ sick people in a new way, and I have prayed for two people already this week, (and it is only Wednesday!!) God also spoke to me very clearly about a deluge of ‘shock and trauma’, on three specific occasions in my life. Firstly, during my birth process when my ‘little’ mother was very stressed after a particularly long labour having me, and was worried that I would be deformed or dead. Secondly, when my baby nearly died of septicaemia twice, at six weeks and again at twelve weeks old; I went into PND afterwards. Thirdly, when I heard the news that my father had died and I was heavily bereaved and became physically ill following this. Melody prayed with me and I felt God was lifting a network of stress and trauma off my life. I am feeling fitter and livelier after this AND I am dancing again! Also, at church on Sunday, two people commented that I ‘really looked different’. Thank you Father God! Please convey my thanks to Melody, Joan and the whole team, as well as the Worship leaders. The conference was a wonderful time of strengthening for us all!" Heather Brown


"When I was in Texas in Spring 89 I met Joan’s parents, Charles and Francis and someone prayed for me and my right leg grew about one and a half inches. At the time God asked me to pledge some money to their ministry but I was in full time mission work and didn’t have the money so I never managed to pay it and it got forgotten. A few months ago God reminded me of that promise but I didn’t know why. I found out that Joan Hunter was coming to SSCC but didn’t realise who she was. I came to realise whose daughter is and why God had reminded me of a pledge from 23 years ago. I felt that God was reminding me to fulfil the pledge to the Hunter’s ministry-that He had remembered the promise and wanted it to be fulfilled He told me that all I had to do was to take care of the original amount and He would worry about the 23 years of accrued interest! It was a reminder to me that He does not forget the promises we make to Him or the ones He places over our lives and family lines and He will bring them to pass. He knows the heritage, both financial and spiritual that Joan’s parents have given her by His Spirit." Anon

"Thanks to God Almighty. There is indeed FREEDOM where the Spirit of God dwells. I came to this week-end's course of healing with a deep heaviness of heart, spirit, soul and body. I recognised that it was due to my Mum's death last year yet the prayers could not lift the weight and I became ill. I have since June 2010 suffered till this afternoon when the Lord dealt with it through Joan and Iris. This evening worship has been a different one for me as I was freed. I am very light in spirit and body. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Holy Spirit. Thank you God our creator. Praise and honour be with our God." Freddie Riby-Williams

"During the conference I was prayed for and experienced "growing" in my neck/back relieving back pain. The teaching was amazing and I now have more confidence and enthusiasm to pray for myself and others to receive healing. I have been freed up to deal with some very personal issues. Joan has inspired me immensely. I asked Mike to pray about my hips and pain from 2 hip replacements. He did and checked my legs and found one to be a good one and a half inches shorter than the other. God grew the leg and the pain is gone; I can walk fast and can now get up and down off of the floor which I haven't been able to do for years! Thank you Jesus!" Liberty Smith

"God healed my back pain. God almost healed my glaucoma still in the process. My right leg is now in line with the lift. I am a ½ inch taller Hallelujah! More please! My hormone level is restored. Give glory to God. I woke up with God's love surrounding me on the second day and i got to know He does what He does out of His love. Hallelujah! God multiplied my supper!" Yoshiko Nagai

"Joan prayed that the growth/irregularity behind my eye would go.. I am believing Jesus has healed me and that this irregularity has gone or is of no concern (i.e. is not secondary cancer). I will not know definitely until I go to the consultant on Dec 6th.
Update Dec 7th: Praise God. Been to the consultant today. The thing behind my eye has not changed since last time. He is now certain it isn't secondary cancer after thinking it was. Thanks to all who have been praying for me. God is good!

Sue Watts

"I have wanted to be with my husband in heaven and longed for the day that Jesus comes for me. I now know this was a death desire. I have been freed from this and am now looking forward to telling him I am going to do here before that day comes. My thinking has changed; I am going to live again!! Also I now know why God hasn't trusted me with a lot of money-changed my thinking and now I am released from a fear of being rich. My health as a result is much better. I have grown taller and feel much lighter in my spirit." Sue Davies

"So Joan said, "I'm not here on Monday. I'm leaving you to do it yourself." Some years ago an accident left me with a troubled neck. So last night I brought it to God myself. The pain went. In the morning I realised that the central point of the discomfort/pain was still tender. So we spent more time on it. It improved further. Have gone through the whole of this day with no pain from it and almost no discomfort." Alan Smith

"Joan prayed amongst other things about my clicky shoulder which made certain movements painful and hence difficult. It has been much, much easier and seems completely better. Thank you Jesus!" Ernie Bowden

Other testimonies


"Before I started having prayer ministry, my life was full of fear and despair. I felt there was no hope, but now I am running my own business and have seen all my family become Christians."

"I was continually sick for 16 years with a number of serious illnesses, one after the other, which resulted in chronic fatigue. My breakthrough came when I was delivered from freemasonry, which had been the cause of my infirmities."

"For the first time, I was able to stop blaming myself and allow Jesus to share my burdens and bring healing."

"As a child, I was full of fear and anxiety and became withdrawn. This worsened over the years and during a period in my twenties I tried to isolate myself by living in a tent in the woods. Everything failed, including my jobs and relationships. Then I heard about Jesus, became a Christian and began having counselling at Gilgal House. I was able to come off medication and gradually began to feel so loved and accepted in a way I never thought possible."

"After I learned how to forgive, the back pain I'd had for years was healed."

Testimonies from

Freedom from Freemasonry days


“I sensed God ministering to me throughout the day and since I have returned home, I have experienced release from some quite debilitating fears and anxieties.” Anon

I completed the freedom from Freemasonry course and my life has been dramatically changed. I am no longer allergic to ots of different types of food and my body is no longer in pain and also I have grown so much in my life” Anon

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